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* We are currently working on the curatorship and co-organization of the Taller Extendido de Estudios Mediales [marcos, procesos, objetos]. In association with the Center for Media Studies at the Alberto Hurtado University in Chile, we will be working on this from December 2021 to March 2023. Updates about the five instatiations of this year-long workshop may be found both in the Notes section of this Webstide and at the CEM Website.

The Taller Extendido de Estudios Mediales [marcos, procesos, objetos] is a research and outreach activity in the broadest sense of the term.

Throughout the year 2022, the Extended Workshop of Media Studies will seek to trace grids of knowledge and establish networks of collaboration from and to the field of media studies in Chile and Latin America. For doing that, the Workshop – which will operate online – offers five Stations of Transmission (E), five Processing Capsules (C), and five Buzzers (N). The stations (E) will always have three pre-recorded, videographic contributions (●) – each one focused on theoretical frameworks (marcos), creative processes (procesos), and objects of research (objetos) respectively. Thus, these contributions will draw the thematic scope for the capsule (C) that follows the station (E).

Operations Diagram – Taller de Estudios Mediales 2022

The processing capsules (C) are live, open discussion panels where the authors of the videos stored at (E) will trace the similarities and differences between their contributions to the Workshop. This connections will be activated by a Buzzer (N) who, as an external agent, will attempt to link the intermediate signals that may appear, perhaps as latency, between the registers (●). The Buzzer will also promote the open dialogue with the audience, and outline potential connections to the next station (E).