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This group was originally initiated as an open conversational platform*

* One that could allow us to explore new threads of thought that perhaps didn't have direct or quick access into the institutional units we are all separately linked to, while at the same time could help us open potential spaces of work and collaboration.

Dusan Cotoras Straub

Sociologist linked to the Alberto Hurtado University (Santiago, Chile). His research focuses on the studies of innovation, science and technology, as well as on society’s critical theory. Currently, Dusan is a research assistant at the Ciencia en Chile Contemporáneo project, which is focused on the development of scientific knowledge in the country.
[ E-mail: dusan[at]bucles[dot]info ]

Diego Gómez-Venegas

Media researcher and artist based in Berlin. Currently, Diego is a PhD researcher at the Institut für Musik- und Medienwissenschaft (Fachgebiet Medienwissenschaft) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where he works on his dissertation on the techno-epistemological and techno-political threads of project Cybersyn, from a media-archaeo-genealogical perspective.
[ E-mail: diego[at]bucles[dot]info ]

Joaquín Zerené Harcha

Faculty member at the School of Design of Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile). Additionally, he is a PhD researcher at the Doctoral Program in Human Sciences of the Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile). His dissertation inquires into the techno-aesthetic and techno-politic dimensions of the contemporary condition of imagination, from the intersection of media theories and posthumanism.
[ E-mail: joaquin[at]bucles[dot]info ]